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We believe that everyone should have the right to enjoy a stress-free retirement. When you work with someone at Dugan Brown, you are working with someone who genuinely cares about your well-being. That is why we continue to provide assistance long after you have separated from service, ensuring that you are constantly equipped with the information necessary to enjoy retirement to the fullest.

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Take a look below at the services we offer working individuals. We are available for one-on-one consultations by phone, video call, and in-person to discuss any of these topics. No matter what your need is, at any given point in time, we are no more than a single phone call away.


In order to take full advantage of each of your benefits, you must first understand how they work. While some benefits like annual and sick leave are unique to you while you are working, some will carry over from work into retirement, such as your Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) or Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI).

Whether working or retired, we can help you examine your personal situation in order to make the best elections possible.


The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is an amazing tool available to federal employees for accumulating retirement savings. And when it comes to continuing to invest and accessing those funds in retirement, there are a large number of options and strategies available.

Our licensed financial advisors have extensive knowledge of the TSP as well as a well-rounded understanding of current market conditions and can help you meet your retirement goals as efficiently as possible. Learn More »


Medicare is a dense topic that can be difficult for anyone to understand. It can be especially difficult for federal retirees to figure out how Medicare fits into a well-rounded plan that includes Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB).

Each of our retirement consultants is knowledgeable of the various parts of Medicare and how they would interact with your specific FEHB plan, so that you can best take advantage of Medicare in retirement. Learn More »


A well-implemented financial plan should serve to benefit you well into your retirement, no matter how complicated your situation may be. When you work with someone who has extensive knowledge of your retirement benefits coupled with financial expertise, you give yourself the ability to be prepared for everything retirement has to throw at you. Developing a financial plan with Dugan Brown is the great way to work toward accomplishing all of your retirement goals while still preparing for the unexpected. Learn More »


For those who have a lot of moving pieces and desire ongoing assistance in managing their assets, our registered financial advisors are here to answer the call. With a deep library of robust portfolios at their disposal, an advisor will help you construct a strong financial strategy that is capable of meeting your personal goals, specific to your desires, capabilities, and tolerance for risk.

Our advisors are investment advisory representatives of and provide advisory services through CoreCap Advisors, LLC. Learn More »


Aside from your federal pension, your Social Security benefits are going to be the single-most important income source for you in retirement. Deciding when to begin collecting those benefits is not always a straight-forward decision though, and being a federal retiree means that your unique benefits could make your Social Security strategy different from most Americans’. In our free consultations, our retirement consultants can explore your specific situation and discuss which approach you may want to take when it comes to Social Security.

Take the first step in learning about your benefits today!