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Retired Federal Employee Financial Planning

Why Should You Work With a Financial Planning Company for Federal Employees?

The importance of managing your finances in retirement can’t be overstated. By this point, you will have spent the majority of your life working, saving, and investing your income. Now that you’re there, you want to make sure the assets you’ve obtained can give you a comfortable retirement, taking care of your expenses and providing for your loved ones while making sure you’re prepared for the unexpected.

As a financial planning company for federal employees, it’s our job to meet with you, learn about your priorities and goals, and work together with you to create a financial plan that leverages all of your assets in a way that gets you closest to those goals by matching your asset allocation with your desired outcomes and risk tolerance.

By working together with our financial planning company for federal employees, you not only get the years of expertise that we bring to the table, but you also get your own time back. Having to manage your expenses is a time-consuming process, but we can make it easier so you can spend more time enjoying your retirement.

We are a group of licensed fiduciaries, and required to act in our client’s best interests at all times. However, you maintain final control over all of your financial decisions – all of our recommendations are made with your specific situation in mind, but at no point are you under any obligations to act on those recommendations if you don’t feel they’re right for you.

What Makes Us the Best Financial Planning Company for Federal Employees?

Obviously, when it comes to a federal employee’s financial planning, there are lots of options available. So you might be wondering, what is it that makes Dugan Brown the best financial planning company for federal employees specifically?

Simply put, while there may be many financial planning options for federal employees, very few of these options will understand the depth of your retirement system, and the expanded financial options available to federal employees. Developing a financial plan that helps you meet your goals in retirement requires a full understanding of all the options available to you, and how you can leverage each of those options to the greatest effect.

Because Dugan Brown has extensive knowledge of the federal retirement system, we offer a unique take on financial planning that others cannot. Understanding the specifics of your pension, FEGLI, FEHB, and TSP, makes us able to identify differences in how a federal employee’s financial planning may differ from more typical plans.

When is the Right Time to Work With Dugan Brown?

There is no wrong time to start planning for your financial future – the earlier the better!

However, if you’re looking at federal employee financial planning with an eye towards retirement, an important time is age 59.5, which is when federal employees are allowed full access to retirement accounts such as a 401K and the TSP. It is at this point that you will have more options in terms of how to manage your retirement assets.

Dugan Brown can also assist with pension optimization, in which we advise you on the best possible time to retire for your specific situation in order to get the most out of your pension fund.

If you’re ready to take command of your finances in retirement, contact our financial planning company for federal employees today and see how our experience and values set us apart from other financial planning services.

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