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What we do as Federal Retirement Experts simply serves as proof for what we believe.

about our federal retirement planning company

Federal Retirement
Done Differently

Here at Dugan Brown, you are working with a team of federal retirement experts who appreciate the value that comes from understanding your benefits as well as anyone. You are not just working with professionals with expertise on your retirement system; you are working with people who genuinely care about your well-being.


federal retirement services

Financial Services With Your Federal Retirement System In Mind

Working Federal Employees

Whether you’re ten years or ten weeks out from federal retirement, talk with one of our planning consultants to start getting your ducks in a row.

Retired Federal Employees

Your best federal retirement starts with a robust financial plan. Make the most of your federal benefits and investments, and take control of your future.





who we are

The Foundation Of Our Company

Our “why” and our core values guide everything we do. All of the federal retirement services we offer stem directly from the guidance of these underlying principles.


What people are saying about us

Kevin Dugan did an excellent job helping me and my wife Joan through the difficult federal retirement process. He also helped us tremendously with financial planning and gave us the advice we were looking for. His knowledge was phenomenal.
– Frank Lisath

Kevin Dugan listened carefully to my retirement goals and plans and I am now financially rock solid and newly retired. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
– Steve Donovan

Kevin is a great person, he explained everything about retirement so that I could understand it more clearly. He broke it down on each phase of what is going to be happening when I retire.
– Joseph Williams

Kevin Dugan went above and beyond to help me understand retirement and to take the time to help me set up for my future investments. He’s very thorough and is great to work with, I would highly recommend him.
– Karin Haser

Met with Kevin Dugan to discuss my retirement numbers. He was super informative and explained things in great detail. Came away with a better understanding of my future and how to proceed forward. Thanks Kevin for the eye opening meeting!
– Randy Stemple

Kevin was very pleasant and very informative about all the information I was looking for. And there was no hesitation in answers to my questions. I walked away from that meeting with a better understanding of my retirement goals. Thanks again, Kevin.
– Gary Brobson

So far, working with Kevin Dugan has been a pleasure. I believe he knows very clearly what he’s doing, and he’s making the transition much easier than I thought it would be. Very good guy to work with.
– Eric Chamberlain

I work for the USPS and just had a retirement consultation with Alex Leyberman. Alex took all the time needed to explain my current benefits and retirement strategies. Alex also answered all of our questions.
– Steve Costa

I spoke with Alex who was very knowledgeable and offered me valuable advice moving forward towards my retirement goals. I highly recommend!
– Peri Stephenson

Alex has been so helpful in helping me determine what I need to do going forward. I already feel like I’m moving toward a secure and enjoyable retirement! Thanks Alex for your assistance!
– Susan Prystauk

Very good conversation with Sam Eberts about my retirement. He is knowledgeable and courteous. I recommend him.
– Khandi KariLynn Myers

Sam was very helpful and knowledgeable. Saved us money on our first visit with information on ways to utilize an inheritance.
– Deena Green

Sam Eberts did a phenomenal job helping me with my retirement plans. I wish I knew this information 5 years ago when I worked overseas, I would have saved a lot more money.
– Shirletta Murray

Big Shout out to Sam Eberts!
He is very knowledgeable, patient & really gave me the best advice possible for my retirement! Never an issue reaching out to him with a question, he always got back to me quickly.
He made it so much easier & less stressful!
– Tammie Brown Satterfield

Sam Eberts was wonderful to work with. He answered all of my questions and gave me great advice. He is a great guy and very knowledgeable.
– Deborah Tiny Jackson DeSantis

I would recommend Sam Eberts to everyone. He loves his job and it shows. Let him know what you need and want and he will guide you through it. Extremely patient young man. I have been retired for one year and he’s still there for me.
– Deb Carver

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sam Eberts. He is not only extremely knowledgeable on retirement planning he is also a very nice guy and I look forward to working with him in the future.
– Jack Welsh

I was just looking for advice about starting to gather my ducks for a future date to retire. After talking to Sam Eberts (he’s my guy), my ducks are firmly lined up in a row and I’m retiring next year. Yay!!
– Sherri Johnson Karaptian

Working with Sam Eberts has been a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering their retirement options. He is one of the best.
– Sharon Clinton

I dealt with Sam. He was very informative and patient. I learned a great deal about my benefits from him. I was a little scared for my retirement but now I’m actually a little excited. Thanks Sam!
– Dixie Trautman

After a couple conversations with Sam Eberts I feel much more confident about retirement. He explained so many strategies and helped me make a plan. It feels good having him in my corner.
– Doug Leverenz

Met Sam over the phone, very informative and helpful with my concerns and plans for retirement. I got a sense of relief knowing the figures are workable to retire.
– Brian Say

The debt I now owe Sam is a lifelong debt for the whole of my retirement. He wasn’t just a knowledgeable counselor; I trust he will be a friend for years to come.
– Tom M Sullivan

Sam got me going in the right direction and helped me prepare for my future. He is top notch and knows everything you need for the transition to retirement. Thank you, Sam.
– James Greenway

Sam Eberts analyzed my work history with the VA along with my retirement goals. He clarified misinformation that I had acquired throughout the years from other federal employees. In a nutshell, he explained where I am now versus what actions are needed to retire comfortably.
– Jacqueline Teen-Williams

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