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Frequently Asked Questions

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One-on-one consultations are available over the phone, via web conference, or in person.

Our retirement consultations are entirely complimentary, with no obligation.

If you find our insights helpful, all we ask is that you spread the word about us to friends and colleagues so that others can receive the same help.

Our main office is located in Columbus, Ohio and we have a strong presence in the surrounding states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

In addition, we have been invited to present our retirement workshop all over the country, in places such as Florida, Arizona, Minnesota, and Colorado.


While your HR has the knowledge to explain your benefits, government agencies cannot make individual recommendations or give strategic advice. We are not affiliated with any government agency and are therefore not restricted by the same limitations. This means that in addition to being experts on the federal system, we are able to help federal employees strategize, plan, and execute what is best for their unique situation.

Our knowledge and strategies stem from the information provided by official government sources.

While developing financial plans for our clients, we help map out the best possible strategies to accomplish their goals. In some cases, there are opportunities to invest in a more optimal way. Whether these recommendations involve insurance products or ongoing asset management, we could earn either a commission or an advisory fee.

Never. Planning for retirement begins right at the start of your career, so we specialize in preparing you for retirement no matter how long you have been working or how old you are.

Yes. In addition to each of our financial advisors being a licensed fiduciary, all of our retirement consultants hold licenses that bind them by law to make recommendations that are in the best interest of the client.

Yes, Dugan Brown is equipped with knowledge on all federal retirement systems, including FERS, CSRS, and the various special retirement provisions.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are struggling to find answers, chances are that one of our experts has dealt with that situation before and can guide you in the right direction.

Yes. While Dugan Brown specializes in knowing the federal retirement system, our financial planning services are available to anyone who is seeking to achieve their goals in the most efficient manner possible.

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