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Why We Do What We Do

To connect with people in a way that both empowers and inspires them to better their future.

This sets the foundation for everything we believe; it guides everyone in our company, both professionally and personally. We have a vision, mission, and core values that act as a moral compass for our company, but it is our “why” that serves as the heartbeat.

Our Vision

A future in which our civil servants and military personnel are able to confidently and seamlessly retire without financial concern.

We realize that we may not see our vision come to fruition within our lifetimes. While intentionally lofty, this will not stop us from doing everything we can to work toward it. It is our hope that in time, others will be inspired to join our cause and continue working toward the same future.

Our Mission

To provide unrestricted access to reliable information so that federal employees can prepare for all aspects of retirement.

This mission focuses our interactions and day-to-day activities at Dugan Brown. Each time we provide someone with reliable information on the federal retirement system, we are one step closer to our vision for the world.





Our Core Values

Integrity first • Service before self
Excellence in all we do • Mindfulness at all times

We proudly base our first three core values on the same ideals held by the Air Force. Our fourth core value, mindfulness, ties everything together, making sure our other values are at the forefront of everything we do as we propagate our cause.