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Services for Working Professionals

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Your benefits don’t begin at retirement; they begin the day you start working. And while focusing on your career may be one of your top priorities, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether you are receiving the most from your benefits. Whether you’ve been working for only a few years or you’re a few years from retirement, there is almost certainly room to improve your situation.

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Take a look below at the services we offer working individuals. We are available for one-on-one consultations by phone, video call, and in-person to discuss any of these topics. No matter what your need is, at any given point in time, we are no more than a single phone call away.


In order to take full advantage of each of your benefits, you must first understand how they work. While some benefits like annual and sick leave are unique to you while you are working, some will carry over from work into retirement, such as your Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) or Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI).

Whether working or retired, we can help you examine your personal situation and provide you with the tools necessary to make the best elections possible.


Dugan Brown honors and thanks all of those who have protected America through their service in our armed forces.

If you have served in our military, but not long enough to have qualified for a military pension, it is nearly always worth it to buy back your time served in order to bolster your civilian pension, and must be done before retiring. Please allow us to help you through the necessary paperwork and procedures, so that you may credit this time toward your civilian retirement.


Your federal pension will be the keystone of your retirement, so making sure that you get the most from it is paramount. We can help you figure out the best day to retire, what your gross and net pension will look like factoring in all deductions, and work diligently with you so that you can receive every penny that you can from Uncle Sam in retirement.


A detailed financial plan is an important piece of any plan for retirement, no matter how simple your situation may be. Because our extensive knowledge of your retirement system is second to none, our advisors are equipped to make sure that you can take full advantage of each benefit available to you, and that no surprises are waiting for you when you clock out of work that one final time. Developing a financial plan with Dugan Brown is the great way to get all those ducks in a row so that you can confidently enter a stress-free retirement. Learn More »


For those who have a lot of moving pieces and desire ongoing assistance in managing their assets, our registered financial advisors are here to answer the call. With a deep library of robust portfolios at their disposal, an advisor will help you construct a strong financial strategy that is capable of meeting your personal goals, specific to your desires, capabilities, and tolerance for risk.

Our advisors are investment advisory representatives of and provide advisory services through CoreCap Advisors, LLC.


Sorting through the government’s application for retirement can feel overwhelming, and it’s something that everyone wants to make sure is done right. While some companies and individuals charge up to $500 per application, we believe that this is a service that all federal employees should have access to on a complimentary basis. Allow one of our professional retirement consultants to walk you through the necessary paperwork and be sure that you make all of the best possible elections given your unique situation. Learn More »

Take the first step in learning about your benefits today!