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Retired Federal Employee Asset Management

As a federal employee asset management company for retired federal workers, Dugan Brown is uniquely positioned to help you identify and utilize your assets to get the absolute most out of your retirement. We specialize in retirement planning and asset management for federal employees because we understand how your accounts and assets differ, and how you can get the most out of them.

Why Work With a Federal Employee Asset Management Company?

Your average financial services company may be able to advise you on stocks, bonds, a 401K, and other related investment accounts that are available to the general public. But as retired federal employees, you have a more varied set of options before you, so a typical retirement plan may not provide you with the best options for your unique situation.

When you work with a federal employee asset management company like Dugan Brown, we help manage your retirement savings (from TSP or IRAs) on an ongoing basis. We can also manage non-qualified funds in a brokerage account, using funds that might be sitting in cash or in the bank now.

Our Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs) have an ongoing, advisory relationship with our retired federal employee clients. We meet to determine goals and needs, and then manage your funds using appropriate investing methods. We look at particular stocks, bonds, index funds, ETFs, mutual funds etc., as well as keep a finger on the pulse of the market to know when to change strategies.

Why Dugan Brown is the Right Choice for Your Federal Employee Asset Management Company

Using Dugan Brown to help manage assets is a way to make sure you are properly invested at all times, within your personal boundaries of risk. We have a variety of portfolios with a proven track record of good performance, and we make sure your assets are available to meet any needs now or in the future.

Dugan Brown are experts in financial planning for retired federal employees, and asset management is just one aspect of a good plan. We are a federal employee asset management company, but we also understand pension optimization, retirement paperwork, and many more aspects of retirement planning.

So with Dugan Brown, you get a complete and comprehensive understanding of your options as you develop a long-term working relationship with our professionals. Our advisors are investment advisory representatives of and provide advisory services through Smith & Wyatt.

Our Federal Employee Asset Management Company Charges Lower Fees Than Most Of Our Competitors.

Our federal employee asset management company charges lower fees than most of our competitors, and we believe in conducting our business in a fair and transparent way. That’s why we do not charge any hidden fees for things like performing a transaction, getting answers from an advisor, or holding any other sort of financial meeting. By charging a “wrap fee,” we provide clear pricing for our services so you know what you’re getting before you agree – no nickel-and-diming down the road.

Our values are all about doing what is best for our clients – we’ve only done our jobs if we’ve helped you reach your retirement goals to the best of our ability. So contact us today and see how we can do the same for you.

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